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Our product collects IT infrastructure status information accurately, analyzing it intelligently, reporting potential issues proactively, and notifying critical incidents immediately via engaging with any incidents calling service 24/7.

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We focus on Oracle database monitoring tool development. When MINER detects issues, alerts will be sent out to specific email targets. In addition, the tool is compatible with any call center or incidents notifying service to provide alarm within either text message or direct call.

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MINER size is extremely small, whereas being capable of alarming all critical cases accurately and concisely. The GUI will guide user finish deployment in minutes. No system resources would be taken by the tool, and no impact applies on database performance.

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According to Oracle recommendation, MINER accesses database via system level authorization. Therefore, no individual user needs to be created, and few concerns on what privileges should be granted. All alerts sent via SMTP emails, which do not request any port opening for the service.

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