* Description: Configure MSMTP Email Client on Windows Platform
* Compatiablity: Micoresoft Windows System 2008/2012
* Date: 11:46 PM EST, 01/03/2017

<1> Uploading the msmtp.exe to C:\Windows\System32

<2> Uploading the msmtprc.txt to C:\ProgramData. 
        |__ The folder is set as invisible by default. Organize -> Folder and Searches Option -> Uncheck the invisible option. 
        |__ Below is the required info enclosed configuration file
                 from emeralit@emeralit.com 
                 maildomain emeralit.com


<3> Additional msmtprc.txt file sample with email login Authorization required, and TLS on. If TLS on, python mail function needs to turn on feature as well:
        |__ o. Example - Password was all encrypted:
                 tls on
                 tls_starttls on
                 tls_certcheck off
                 account default
                 host email-smtp.us-east-1.amazonaws.com
                 port 587
                 auth on
                 user POEHYE5ROPDLWOYPPUYS
                 password BhELAUrkV/PhyAy2CdgSu5hPlePF3bn7KSzxFa04/pbL
                 auto_from off
                 maildomain emeralit.com
                 from monitor@emeralit.com
<4> Command sample:
        |__ CMD> msmtp support@emeralit.com < test_email.txt


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