* Description: DB failed to start with access denied error due to files on Windows shared drive
* Date: 05:02 PM EST, 08/07/2017

<1> Symptom:
     |__ o. Oracle database built-up based on Windows platform, and control file, data file, and redo logs are stored on NAS shared drive.
            When database startup, following errors are show up:
                 ORA-27040: database can not startup, due to cannot read control file 'N:\fast_recovery_area\controlfile\control.ctl'
                 OSD-04002: unable to open file 
                 O/S-Error: (OS 5) Access is denied. 
<2> Cause:
     |__ o. For Windows OS, oracle.exe process long-running execution is based on Windows service.
            If current login user does not have the permission to access the network attached shared drive, and then failed to read control file to startup database.   	


<3> Solution:
     |__ o. CMD => services.msc => Right click "OracleServieDatabase" => "Properties" => "Log on" => "This account" => Submit the credential who has the network shared drive access.