* Description: Redirecting Windows drive to remote server via Remote Desktop Connection [RDP]
* Date: 11:43 PM EST, 03/20/2018

<1> When transferring files between 2 Windows servers via RDP, there would be some limitation on the file size. Usually, it is 2 GB.
     |__ o. If the size beyond the limitation, an "Unspecified error" would come up during copy & paste.
<2> Redirecting local drive to remote server would be one of the solutions:
     |__ o. Open "Remote Desktop Connection"
     |       ==> option	 
     |       ==> Local Resources
     |       ==> Under tab "Local devices and resources", click on "more" 
     |       ==> Expand "Drives"
     |       ==> Check the drive that you want to redirect from current server to logon server.
     |       ==> Click on "OK", and then connect to remote server.
     |__ o. After redirection and login, an icon indicates "C: on PRODB01_Server" should show up under computer console. Then, copy/paste would work. 	  


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