* Description: Knowledge of network gateway
* Compatiablity: RDBMS 11g, 12c
* Date: 02:02 PM EST, 05/14/2017

<1> Network Gateway:
     |__ o. Gateway refers to a piece of networking hardware as a network node equipped for interfacing with another network that uses different protocols.
            A network gateway can be implemented completely in software, completely in hardware, or as a combination of both.
         o. In the network for an enterprise, a computer server acting as a gateway node is often also acting as a proxy server and a firewall server. 
            A gateway is often associated with both a router, which knows where to direct a given packet of data that arrives at the gateway, and a switch, 
            which furnishes the actual path in and out of the gateway for a given packet.
         o. A gateway is an essential feature of most routers, although other devices (such as any PC or server) can function as a gateway.

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