* Description: Knowledge of network MAC address
* Compatiablity: RDBMS 11g, 12c
* Date: 01:49 PM EST, 05/28/2017

<1> Network MAC Address:
     |__ o. Known as the Media Access Control Address, it is a unique identifier that is assigned to your network interfaces enabling communications through a physical network segment. 
            This simply means that it’s an identifier for your hardware, in which case it can be referred to as your physical address or hardware address. 
            It is absolutely unique and it will be assigned by the manufacturers along with birth. It simply is a label for your device, wherein it can be easily identified by your 
            local area network or any network that may use your device’s address. 
			CMD> ipconfig/all ==> Physical address is the MAC address
         o. IP address is a logical identifier of you operating system within internet, while MAC address is the label of your physical device.
         o. While MAC addresses of certain devices are those that are connected via Ethernet (computer networking for LANs or MAN’s), IP addresses of certain devices are those 
            that are connected via TCP/IP (LAN’s and the Internet). 
         o. To explain further, let us say that your MAC address is your physical mailbox, your IP address is your postal address, the internet would be your post office, 
            and the router would be your postal carrier. Now your post office would know your postal address and is able to send you a piece of mail. 
            You will then be able to receive that mail through a postal carrier. Since your mailbox and postal address are both at the receiving end of the mail, we can say that 
            the postal carrier knows your address and your mailbox, your post office however does not, except for your postal address. 
            Postal address of your house =========> IP address [Logical]
            Mail box of your house ===============> Mac address [Physical]
            Post man =============================> Router of your LAN
            For example, when a mail sent out from CA to VA, the post office employee may send out via through CA => TX => WV => VA, or CA => WA => MI => MD => VA, whatever path.
            The path is random, but the general direction is same from west to east office by office, according to the literal postal address on the envelop. Finally, when then
            mail reaches your small town [as LAN] and post man starts out office heading to your house for delivery, he is the only person who knows where is your physical
            mailbox, and put evenlop inside. Remote post office does not know where is your physical mailbox, and what color or shape it is.
            So, according to above, we can tell MAC address is only for addressing purpose between 2 routers. Your MAC address can not even go beyond the router of the LAN in 
            your house.

<2> Reference:
     |__ http://theydiffer.com/difference-between-a-mac-address-and-an-ip-address/	 

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