IMG_01DB_STRUCTUREKNOWLEDGEOracle 11g/12c database memory, process, and physical structure.
DOC_01NLS_DATE_FORMATSQLSQL for altering session NLS date format.
DOC_02DATA_PUMPKNOWLEDGEOracle Data Pump related knowledge and commands.
DOC_03MSMTP_MSWINKNOWLEDGEConfigure MSMTP email client on windows system. Download
DOC_04BLAT_MSWINKNOWLEDGEConfigure BLAT email client on windows system. Download
DOC_05ARCHIVE_LOG_PERIODSQLSQL for querying archived log generated size by hour or day.
DOC_06LINUX_FOLDER_SIZECOMMANDLinux command for sorting folder size.
DOC_07BLOCKING_SESSIONSQLSQL for quering blocking session wait and resolve procedure.
DOC_08PROCESS_ID_SQLSQLSQL for querying full SQL text and session ID via Linux process ID.
DOC_09DATABASE_SIZESQLSQL for querying database full size, temp size, and free size.
DOC_10FRA_UTILIZATIONSQLSQL for querying FRA utilization.
DOC_11DML_LAST_MODIFYSQLSQL for querying object last DML modification time.
DOC_12SESSION_PERIODSQLSQL for querying session number by period.
DOC_13OBJECT_DDLSQLSQL for quering object DDL.
DOC_14LOG_MINERKNOWLEDGEOracle log miner guide.
DOC_15REDO_MULTIPEXKNOWLEDGEProcedure of multiplexing redo log group.
DOC_16LONG_OPERATIONSQLSQL for quering long operation running within database.
DOC_17TABLESPACE_DATAFILESQLSQL for checking tablespace utilization, and adding data file procedure.
DOC_18ASM_UTILIZATIONSQLSQL for checking ASM disk group utilization.
DOC_19RESTORE_PROGRESSSQLSQL for checking RMAN database restore progress.
DOC_20DATAFILE_RELOCATIONKNOWLEDGEOracle data file relocation procedure.
DOC_21TEMP_TABLESPACE_RECREATIONKNOWLEDGEProcedure of recreating Oracle database default temp tablepace.
IMG_02PROCESS_EXPLORERKNOWLEDGETool for monitoring Windows processes. Download
DOC_22INVALID_OBJECTSQLSQL for querying invalid objects.
DOC_23PATCHING_MSWINKNOWLEDGEOracle Windows platform bundle patching procedure.
DOC_24AUDIT_FILE_CLEANINGSHELLLinux shell script for cleaning huge size auditing files by time period. Download
DOC_25LISTENER_LOG_ROTATIONBATCHWindows batch script for rotating listener log. Download
DOC_26SYS_AUDIT_CLEANINGBATCHLinux shell script for cleaning auditing information from sys$aud table. Download
DOC_27RAC_MSWIN_REBOOTBATCHWindows batch scripts for rebooting system with Oracle cluster. Download
DOC_28MULTIPLE_INSTANCES_REBOOTSHELLLinux shell scripts for rebooting multiple database instances. Download
DOC_29IMPDP_AUTO_REFRESHSHELLLinux shell scripts for impdp auto refresh. Download
DOC_31LINUX_RMAN_BACKUPSHELLLinux shell scripts for RMAN level 0 and level 1 backup. Download
DOC_32LINUX_EXPDP_BACKUPSHELLLinux shell scripts for data pump expdp backup. Download
DOC_33MSWIN_EXPDP_BACKUPBATCHWindows batch script for data pump expdp backup. Download
DOC_34MSWIN_RMAN_BACKUP_DAYBATCHWindows batch script for rman backup. Download
DOC_35SGA_UTILIZATIONSQLSQL for querying SGA utilization divided by individule component.
DOC_36PGA_UTILIZATIONSQLSQL for querying PGA utilization divided by individule component.
DOC_37OCA_EXAMKNOWLEDGEOracle OCA 12c & 11g exam overview introduction.
DOC_38LISTENER_REGISTRATIONKNOWLEDGERegistering a created listener within database.
DOC_39MSWIN_BATCH_COMMANDKNOWLEDGEWindows frequently used batch commands.
DOC_40MSWIN_SHUTDOWN_TYPEKNOWLEDGEAddress shutdown type via terminating Oracle service on Windows platform.
DOC_41MEMORY_PARAMETERKNOWLEDGEKnowledge of SGA/PGA auto memory management [AMM] parameters.
DOC_42ENABLE_ARCHIVELOGKNOWLEDGEEnable Oracle database archive log mode.
DOC_43SESSION_STATUSSQLSQL for checking and killing session count by time frame.
DOC_44SESSION_KNOWLEDGEKNOWLEDGEKnowledge of Oracle session.
DOC_45SCHEMA_SYNONYMKNOWLEDGECreating synonym of a schema.
DOC_47CPU_COREKNOWLEDGEKnowledge of CPU/CORE count information on Linux and Windows system.
DOC_48WINDOWS_REGISTRYKNOWLEDGEKnowledge of Windows operating system registry.
DOC_49TEMP_TABLESPACE_SESSIONSQLSQL for querying temp tablespace utilization by session.
DOC_50OBJECT_LOCKSQLSQL for querying locks attached on table objects.
DOC_51DISK_LEVELKNOWLEDGEKnowledge of RAID hard disk level defination.View
DOC_52DISK_BITSKNOWLEDGEKnowledge of disk bits, bytes, and network speed Mbps. View
DOC_53HOST_FILEKNOWLEDGEKnowledge of Linux/Windows host file.
FILE_03OPERATING_SYSTEM_TUTORIALKNOWLEDGEOperating system concept tutorial.
DOC_54SEGMENT_SIZESQLSQL for querying schema, table segment size.
DOC_55DATABASE_CHECKPOINTKNOWLEDGEKnowledge of database checkpoint event. View
DOC_56RMAN_PROGRESSSQLSQL for checking RMAN restore progress.
DOC_57KERNEL_SHELLKNOWLEDGEKnowledge of Operating System kernel and shell.
DOC_58HIGH_WATER_MARKKNOWLEDGEKnowledge of Oracle data file block high water mark.
DOC_59PUBLIC_PRIVATE_KEYKNOWLEDGEKnowledge of SSH RSA public and private key. View
DOC_60CPU_ELAPSE_TIMEKNOWLEDGEKnowledge of CPU time, elapse time, and associated subdivision. View
DOC_61WINDOWS_APIKNOWLEDGEKnowledge of Windows operating system API.
DOC_62WINDOWS_SERVICEKNOWLEDGEKnowledge of Windows service.
DOC_64ORACLE_WALLETKNOWLEDGEKnowledge of Oracle wallet, and wallet manager.
DOC_65CLIENT_LISTENERKNOWLEDGEKnowledge of Oracle client initating session with remote listener.
DOC_66DATABASE_SCNKNOWLEDGEKnowledge of Oracle database SCN. View
DOC_67ASYNCHRONOUS_IOKNOWLEDGEKnowledge of Operating System asynchronous I/O. View
DOC_68CONTROL_FILEKNOWLEDGEKnowledge of Oracle database control file.
DOC_69CPU_MODEKNOWLEDGEKnowledge of CPU kernel and user mode.
DOC_70SYSTEM_CALLKNOWLEDGEKnowledge of process mode means by system call.
DOC_71MEMORY_PROCESSKNOWLEDGEKnowledge of how process running in memory.
DOC_72RMAN_RESTORE_RECOVERKNOWLEDGEProcedure of rman restore and recover a database.
DOC_73LINUX_SCPCOMMANDCommand of Linux SCP transferring files between servers.
DOC_74NETWORK_TYPENETWORKKnowledge of network type, such as LAN, WAN.
DOC_75NETWORK_TOPOLOGYNETWORKKnowledge of network topology, such as bus, ring, star, and mesh. View
DOC_76NETWORK_BACKBONE_DEVICENETWORKNetwork backbone device, such as modem, hub, bridge, switch, and router. View
DOC_77NETWORK_IP_PACKETNETWORKKnowledge of network IP packet.
DOC_78NETWORK_VPNNETWORKKnowledge of network VPN. View
DOC_79NETWORK_DNSNETWORKKnowledge of domain name server [DNS]. View
DOC_80NETWORK_GATEWAYNETWORKKnowledge of network gateway. View
DOC_81NETWORK_ADAPTERNETWORKKnowledge of network adapter or network interface card. View
DOC_82NETWORK_PUBLIC_PRIVATE_IPNETWORKKnowledge of network public and private IP.
DOC_83NETWORK_PORTNETWORKKnowledge of network server port.
DOC_84NETWORK_PROXYNETWORKKnowledge of network proxy server.
DOC_85NETWORK_DIGITAL_CERTIFICATENETWORKKnowledge of network digital certificate. View
DOC_86NETWORK_MAC_ADDRESSNETWORKKnowledge of network MAC address. View
DOC_87NETWORK_SUBNET_MASKNETWORKKnowledge of network subnet mask.
DOC_88NETWORK_TCP_IPNETWORKKnowledge of network TCP/IP protocal layer model.
DOC_89MOUNT_DISKLINUXKnowledge of mounting disk with file system on Linux platform.
DOC_90ODA_SRORACLEProcedure of configuring Oracle Database Appliance [ODA box] ASR.
DOC_91LINUX_TOPLINUXKnowledge of Linux top command output.
DOC_92DISK_INFOLINUXCommand of displaying hard disks on Linux platform.
DOC_93IO_STATELINUXCommand of displaying IO state on Linux platform.
DOC_94SWAP_SPACELINUXKnowledge of Linux memory swap space.
DOC_95MSWIN_ODBCKNOWLEDGEKnowledge of Microsoft ODBC driver.
DOC_96ORACLE_LISTENERKNOWLEDGEKnowledge of Oracle listener dedicated and shared mode. View
DOC_97HARDWARE_STRUCTUREKNOWLEDGEKnowledge of server CPU, memory, disk hardware structure. View
DOC_98ROUTE_TABLENETWORKKnowledge of network route table.
DOC_99XMING_CONFIGLINUXKnowledge of configuring Xming on Linux platform. View
DOC_100IE_ENABLE_DOWNLOADKNOWLEDGEKnowledge of enabling download on IE browser. View
DOC_101SWITCH_SCHEMAKNOWLEDGEKnowledge of switching schema within Oracle database.
DOC_102OPTIMIZER_STATISTICSKNOWLEDGEKnowledge of Cost-Based Optimizer [CBO] statistics. View
DOC_103FLUSH_SHARED_POOLKNOWLEDGEFlushing a single SQL statement from library cache or whole shared pool.
DOC_104EXECUTION_PLANKNOWLEDGEKnowledge of explaining an Oracle execution plan.
DOC_105BACKUP_SET_PIECEKNOWLEDGEKnowledge of Oracle backup set and piece. View
DOC_106ADDING_PRIMARY_KEYKNOWLEDGECreating trigger and sequence to add primary key on an existing table.
DOC_107TDE_KEYSTORE_SOFTWAREKNOWLEDGECreating Oracle software keystore for TDE master encryption key.
DOC_108DATABASE_SHARED_DRIVEKNOWLEDGEDB failed to start with access denied error due to files on Windows shared drive.
DOC_109CLEANUP_FILE_MTIMECOMMANDLinux command of cleaning up files within a folder by mtime.
DOC_110TDE_LOB_REDEFINITIONKNOWLEDGETDE tablespace with Lob data type via online redefinition without db downtime.
DOC_111TDE_TABLE_REDEFINITIONKNOWLEDGEShell script of TDE redefiniting table without Lob segment. Download
DOC_112TDE_MOVE_TABLEKNOWLEDGETDE tablespace without Lob data via moving table method. Download
DOC_113TDE_DATA_PUMPKNOWLEDGETDE tablespace with table cotains LONG data type via data pump.
DOC_114SYSTEM_BOOT_VOLUMEKNOWLEDGEKnowledge of system and boot volume.
DOC_115LINUX_VERSIONCOMMANDKnowledge of checking Linux kernel version and OS release.
DOC_116PUTTY_PUTTYGENKNOWLEDGEDownload of Putty and PuttyGen executable file. Download
DOC_117DISK_MOUNT_POINTCOMMANDKnowledge of checking Linux disk and mount point.
DOC_118SYSTEM_OBJECT_PRIVILEGESQLKnowledge of queryng Oracle user system and object privilege.
DOC_119SOLUTION_ARCHITECTAWSKnowledge of AWS solution architect associate certificate exam.
DOC_120BATCH_DELETE_TIMECOMMANDWindows batch command to delete files by time for cleanup purpose.
DOC_121BATCH_SCRIPTING_TIPSKNOWLEDGEWindows batch scripting tips.
DOC_122SAN_NASKNOWLEDGEKnowledge of Storage Area Network[SAN], and Network Attached Storage[NAS].
DOC_123NAS_DRIVE_MAPCOMMANDCommand of mapping NAS as Windows drive.
DOC_124PEOPLESOFT_MONITORING_SCRIPTSBATCHScripts of monitoring PeopleSoft process scheduler, and app process. Download
DOC_125SESSION_MEMORYSQLSQL for quering memory usage by each database session.
DOC_126REMOTE_DESKTOP_LOGINKNOWLEDGEKnowledge of creating user on Windows, and authorize remote login via VDI/RDP.
DOC_127STANDBY_ARCHIVEDLOG_CLEANUPBATCHScript of wipe out applied archived logs on Windows standby server. Download
DOC_128LINUX_INTEGRATED_FIREWALLKNOWLEDGERHEL integrated firewall causing Oracle database connection timeout.
DOC_129TABLE_PERCENT_ANALYZEDSQLChecking percent of rows applied with insert/update/delete and last analyzed time.
DOC_130FINE_GRAINED_AUDITINGSQLEnable Oracle Fine-Grained Auditing[FGA].
DOC_131REPLICATE_ROLE_PASSWORDSQLRetrieve Oracle db user's password and role, and replicate between databases.
DOC_132ALERT_LOG_LOCATIONSQLCommand of finding Oracle database alert log location.
DOC_133TERMINATE_RMAN_SESSIONSQLMethod of terminating RMAN hung session.
DOC_134ORACLE_PRICE_LISTKNOWLEDGEOracle product globel price list. View
DOC_135ORACLE_DATA_APPLIANCEKNOWLEDGEOracle Data Appliance[ODA] X6-2M machine configuration and Deployment.
DOC_136ORACLE_MAINTENANCE_WINDOWSSQLSQL for quering Oracle database statistics gathering maintenance windows.
DOC_137ORACLE_DATAGUARDKNOWLEDGEKnowledge of setting up Oracle physical standby via DataGuard.
DOC_138LAST_LOGIN_TIMECOMMANDLinux command of checking last login time for OS users.
DOC_139LINUX_SERVER_UPTIMECOMMANDLinux command of checking server uptime.
DOC_140MSWIN_7ZIPCOMMANDCommand and installer of 7-zip/zip utility based on Windows platform. Download
DOC_141LINUX_CHANGE_TIMEZONEKNOWLEDGEKnowledge of changing timezone on Linux platform.
DOC_142HTTPS_SSL_CERTIFICATENETWORKRenewal HTTPS SSL Certificate for Oracle WebLogic Fusion Middleware.
DOC_143SYSTEM_STARTUP_TRIGGERLINUXExecuting script on crontab when Linux system starts up.
DOC_144SERVICE_ACCOUNT_TYPEKNOWLEDGEKnowledge of Windows service user account type detail.
DOC_145CRONTAB_COMMENT_OUTLINUXComment out and enable certain task on crontab by Linux shell script.
DOC_146PUTTY_EXPORT_IMPORTKNOWLEDGEPutty export/import setting and session info via Windows registry.
DOC_147AWS_CLI_SSMAWSSend command from MSWIN AWS CLI to Linux server on cloud via SSM. Download
DOC_148RDP_DRIVE_REDIRECTIONKNOWLEDGERedirecting Windows drive to remote server via Remote Desktop Connection [RDP].
DOC_149RDP_BLANK_SCREENKNOWLEDGEChanging password and resolve blank screen when accessing Windows via RDP.
DOC_150CONNECTION_SESSION_PROCESSORACLEKnowledge of Oracle database connection, session, and process concepts.
DOC_151TRACE_SYSTEM_CALLLINUXTroubleshoot SQL*Plus login hanging via truss on AIX platform.
DOC_152OEM_DBCONSOLEKNOWLEDGEOracle Enterprise Manager[OEM] family, and dbconsole installation.
DOC_153ORACLE_SESSION_TRACINGORACLEOracle session tracing via client identifier.
DOC_154LINUX_SVN_INSTALLATIONKNOWLEDGEInstall SVN server and repository on RHEL server.
DOC_155SQL_PLAN_BASELINEORACLECreating an Oracle SQL plan baseline, and export/import into different database.
DOC_156MSWIN_BATCH_REFRESHBATCHWindows batch scripts of Oracle data pump auto refresh. Download
DOC_157OS_X86_64KNOWLEDGEDifference between OS 64-bit [x86_64] and 32-bit [x86].
DOC_158SQL_TUNING_SETKNOWLEDGEKnowledge of Oracle SQL Tuing Set [STS].
DOC_159AWR_REPORT_TERMINOLOGYKNOWLEDGEKnowledge of Oracle AWR report terminologies.
DOC_160TABLE_DATA_GROWTHSQLSQL of querying how much data growth for individual table.
DOC_161SHELL_SCRIPTING_TIPSKNOWLEDGELinux shell scripting tips.
DOC_162UTL_MAIL_ACLORACLEConfig Oracle UTL_MAIL package, and access control list [ACL].
DOC_163WINDOWS_PAGING_FILEKNOWLEDGEHidden paging file growth gets Windows drive full detected by Cygwin. Download
DOC_165LINUX_DB_AUTO_STARTUPSHELLLinux shell script to bring up Oracle database automatically. Download
DOC_167OHS_UPGRADEKNOWLEDGEOracle FMW Web Tier [OHS] upgrade from to to enable TLS 1.2.
DOC_168ANSIBLE_AWS_EC2KNOWLEDGEAnsible installation on Linux, and create AWS EC2 instance.
DOC_169FMW_OID_MIGRATIONKNOWLEDGEFMW installation with OID migration.
DOC_170JRE_JDK_DIFFERENCEKNOWLEDGEDifference between Java Development Kit [JDK] & Runtime Environment [JRE].
DOC_171STATSPACK_REPORTORACLEOracle Stats Pack Report implementation and configuration.
DOC_172CHANGING_LISTENER_PORTORACLEChanging Oracle database listener port.
DOC_173WEBLOGIC_PATCHINGORACLEApply PSU patch on WebLogic version
DOC_174RAC_RESPONSE_FILEORACLEOracle RAC installation with response file. Download
DOC_175LINUX_UNLOCK_USERKNOWLEDGELinux unlock user when access denied caused by multiple password trials.
DOC_176APACHE_WEBLOGIC_MODULEKNOWLEDGEConfig Apache mod_wl_ohs module for Oracle WebLogic server proxing.
DOC_177OS_PASSWORD_EXPIRYPYTHONPython script checks OS user password expiry date, and auto reset. Download
DOC_178WEBLOGIC_SERVER_STATUSPYTHONPython script monitors domain and managed server status. Download
DOC_179SQLPLUS_SESSION_IDORACLEFind session id when starting an Oracle database session.
DOC_180ARCHIVELOG_LOCATIONORACLEFind Oracle database archive log location.
DOC_181ORACLE_FLASHBACKORACLEKnowledge of Oracle Flashback Technology, such as flashback query, restore point.
DOC_182JAVA_UPGRADEKNOWLEDGEJDK upgrade on Linux with Fusion Middleware, Forms, and Internet Directory.
DOC_183KEYTOOL_IMPORT_CERTIFICATEORACLEOracle KEYTOOL to insert trust certificate.
DOC_184DATAGUARD_CONCEPTORACLEOracle Data Guard concepts, standby redo log, and 3 protection mode.
DOC_185GOLDENGATE_INSTALLATIONORACLEOracle GoldenGate 19c configuration with 19c database on RHEL 8.
DOC_186SUPPLEMENTAL_LOGMININGORACLEOracle GoldenGate supplemental LogMiner with table ROWID.